Albany, NY ca. 1805

I am on vacation this week. My weekly Boston Historical Events posts will resume next Monday, July 15. Albany, NY Street Facts, at its founding, Beverwyck (pre-1664 name for Albany), had 2 main streets: Handlaerstraet (Traders' Street) & Jonkheerstraet (Esquire Street). After 1763, Albany expanded and the Albanians gave their new streets British names such as King, Queen, Prince, Boscawen, Wolfe, Prideaux, and Howe Streets. After 1785, the Albanians renamed nearly all of their streets. Handlaerstraet became Market Street; Jonkheerstraet, State Street; Cow Lane, Liberty Street; Grass Street, Union Street; Duke Street, Eagle Street.

Church & Market Streets, Albany, NY ca. 1805 by James Eight