Notes from the Field: Sint Eustatius, the "Golden Rock," Part 3

My last two posts, covered the history of Sint Eustatius and what it was like to visit the "Golden Rock." After finishing these posts, it occurred to me that I have no idea where to put my pictures of the "goats of vast early America." That's just as well. They probably deserve their own post anyway.

Statia has a sizable population of wild goats. They climb the cliffs of the island and eat not just weeds, but the Statians' gardens.

Our funniest "goat" moment took place the morning of our Upper Town tour. It rained that morning and when we went inside Fort Oranje to meet our guide, we found many goats huddled inside the fort under the awning of the Tourists' Office.

At first glance it really seemed like the goats were just waiting for the office to open.

Goat reading a plaque with information about the "First Salute"


Goat families "waiting" for the Sint Eustatius Tourist Office to Open



Goat carefully eyeing the tourist taking its photo

Goats on the cliff along the Bay Path Road munching on plants


Goat jumping a Statian fence to enter a garden


Goats gleefully in a Statian garden after jumping a fence