Blog Vacation

Blog Vacation: I Will Return September 22, 2014

Dear Friends, I have embarked on a cruise ship for Canada.

Tim and I have traveled a lot this year, but we planned this trip as our vacation over a year ago.

Well, Tim calls it "vacation," I call it "French and Indian War Tour 2014."


I am wicked excited about this trip.

We will stop twice in Nova Scotia, where I will see both the remnants of early Acadian settlements near the Bay of Fundy and Fortress Louisbourg. Our stop in the town of Sydney, Nova Scotia will allow me to stand near where Albany's Loyalist Mayor Abraham C. Cuyler settled after the British evacuation from New York City in 1783.

Although I am excited about all of the above, I am most excited about the days we will spend cruising the St. Lawrence River.

As we cruise the river, our ship will stop at Quèbec City, where I will disembark to see the Plains of Abraham. (Yes, I want to see the spot where General James Wolfe fell.)


Our final stop will be Montreal.

This trip comes at a great time as I am writing about the Albany-Montreal Trade during the early eighteenth century. I will get to cruise the St. Lawrence and see the sites of the early North American fur trade. I have brought my laptop so I can write about the trade as we go.

You can expect at least a blog post about my Canadian adventure when I return.

Thank you for following this blog and for your support.

Have a Great Week!