Boston Athenaeum

Boston Athenaeum Author of the Month

boston-athenaeum-logo-9x9I am excited to announce that the Boston Athenaeum selected me as their "Author of the Month." Over the last 2+ years, the Athenaeum has become like a second home. I joined the institution because of its reputation for being a great and inspiring place to work. They also have university-like interlibrary loan services, which I need given how many obscure and specialty titles I request.

As "Author of the Month," the Athenaeum asked me to answer a few questions about my research, Ben Franklin's World, my favorite podcasts and Twitter follows, and why I study early American history.

My favorite part of the interview was trying to explain why I became a historian of early America. I became fascinated with early America because I grew up in an old, New England  town and because my parents cultivated an interest in history.

My parents never took my brother and me on beach vacations (it's okay, we both turn red just thinking about sun exposure). Instead, we enjoyed cultural vacations around New England and the United States.

Also, Mom and Dad granted us an allowance in books instead of cash. We became voracious readers as a result. (We earned the money we wanted for other things by doing chores and delivering newspapers.)

All my reading, combined with trips to museums, historic sites, and national parks, ensured that I learned how to ask "why" and where I might find the answers to my questions.

You can read the full interview on the Athenaeum's website.