Hermione 2015

L'Hermione & the Marquis de Lafayette

Gilbert_du_Motier_Marquis_de_Lafayette-e1435075475612On Saturday, July 11, 2015, I had the opportunity to visit aboard L'Hermione, an exact replica of the 18th-century ship that brought the Marquis de Lafayette back to the United States in 1780. Lafayette and L'Hermione played important roles in the United States' quest for independence.

I had an opportunity to interview Miles Young, President of the Friends of Hermione organization, for Ben Franklin's World. Miles discussed Lafayette, the role the French Navy played in the American War for Independence, and how the project to rebuild L'Hermione came about. It was a fascinating interview.

Click here for "Lafayette & the Hermione."

Being onboard L'Hermione was a cool experience. The opportunity also afforded me the chance to investigate Miles' claim that I could "smell" the ship.

Miles was right. You can small the pitch, tar, and wood used to build L'Hermione.