History Fun with the Civil War Dogs

Sprocket Reading Battle LinesHave you ever read a graphic history book? My dogs have!

In fact, I have come home on two separate occasions to find Thatcher and Sprocket reading Ari Kelman's new book [simpleazon-link asin="0809094746" locale="us"]Battle Lines: A Graphic History of the Civil War[/simpleazon-link].

Initially, I was thrilled that my research assistants had finally taken a genuine interest in history--even if it was in the Civil War. However, the situation has taken an unexpected turn.

Thatcher-Reading-Battle-LinesMy dogs have taken a keen interest in Civil War-era facial hair.  Sprocket thinks his facial hair is worthy of George Pickett. Thatcher likens his beard to the one sported by Robert E. Lee.

When I inquired why they hadn't selected any Union officers for their look-alike-contest, they said none of the Union officers had good facial hair; if they grew beards they kept them too closely cropped for their tastes.

See their cited evidence of William Tecumseh Sherman, Robert Gould Shaw, Ulysses S. Grant, and Joshua Chamberlain.

Union Officers

What Do You Think?

Do Thatcher and Sprocket look like these officers?

Do you think they look like a different officer?

Confederate Hair