Increase Your Productivity with Pocket

Pocket Ap BannerLate last year I downloaded Pocket, an app that allows you to save online articles, blog posts, and videos for later. It has quickly become my favorite app and productivity tool.

In this post you will discover why I love Pocket and how it has increased my productivity.


2 Problems Solved by Pocket

Pocket helped me solve 2 problems.

1. Every day I want to read more web-based content than I have time for.

Pocket helps me read more of this content by capturing and saving it for later.


2. Pocket has helped me turn idle moments into productive periods.

I used to get frustrated every time I had to wait more than a few minutes for the T (subway), bus, a cashier, or for the Celtics to play better basketball.

Now I pass these moments productively.

I take out my smartphone, click on Pocket, and feed my mind with the interesting articles I have saved.

The best part: I can read my articles without an internet connection.


Pocket-Web-Browser-ExtensionPocket and Your Web Browser

Pocket is seamless to use.

Using Pocket's web browser extensions you can save the content in your browser with the click of a button.


Pocket and Feedly

FeedlyFeedly has a Pocket extension in its user interface.

The Feedly Pocket extension allows you to save blog posts right from Feedly.

Often the Feedly Pocket plugin will save you from having to go to the actual blog post to save the article.

Unfortunately, the Feedly Pocket button doesn't always work well.

If a blogger shortens their post, Feedly's Pocket extension will save only the content you see in your Feedly browser. If you want Pocket to save the whole article, you have to click on the article title in Feedly and save the article to Pocket from the blog webpage.


TweetbotPocket and Twitter

Pocket also has extensions for popular Twitter apps. (I use Tweetbot.)

People circulate a lot of great content on Twitter.

Each time you see a tweet with an link to an interesting article, you can click the appropriate button or tab and save the article to Pocket.

You can also tweet an article you like or save it to Buffer right from Pocket .


EvernotePocket and Evernote

If all of those features weren't enough to make you fall in love with Pocket, here's one more that may send you over the edge: Evernote integration.

Pocket allows you to archive articles you like in a personal archive. However, you may prefer to keep all of your favorite articles and reference materials in Evernote.

Pocket gives you that flexibility from their mobile apps. (You need to use Evernote Web Clipper to save a good article from the Pocket web app.)

In fact, Pocket allows you to choose which Evernote notebook and tags you would like to file the article in and with.


The Thinker by RodinConclusion

If you want to turn idle time into productive reading (or video viewing) time, try Pocket.

Not only will the app increase your productivity, it will do so for free.


What Do You Think?

What is your favorite app? Why do you love it?