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Wanted: Guest Bloggers

Dear Reader, Are you a historian? A writer? Do you have publishing experience, writing techniques, historical research, or tips for historical research that you would like to share?

Share-Your-StoryIf you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, please consider becoming a guest blogger for Uncommonplace Book.

I started Uncommonplace Book as a place to share my passion for early American history, writing, and the historian’s craft.

I want the blog to be a useful resource, which is why I try to focus on the ins-and-outs of working as a historian.

I would also like Uncommonplace Book to be a forum where historians and writers can come and share their knowledge about how they work, write, and overcome the challenges of obtaining paid work, fellowships, and access.

My knowledge and experience only go so far, and while I still have advice to share on how to “Get Access” to digital records, improve writing, and tips for book/research project management, I would LOVE to extend the discussion.

Therefore, I invite you to share your advice, tips, tricks, and experiences for how to work better as a historian and/or writer with others at Uncommonplace Book.

If you are interested in sharing your expertise, please send me an e-mail at lizcovart [AT] mac [DOT] com.

My inbox is always open, so please feel free to contact me anytime you have a suggestion for content or features that you would like to see addressed in or added to Uncommonplace Book.


With sincere appreciation for your consideration and continued readership,