History Jobs: Freelance Writing for the Journal of the Early Americas

Journal of the Early Americas Logo Please Note that this publication is no longer in print. It ended its run in January 2015.

Today's post is the first in my new History Jobs series. History Jobs posts will be dedicated to exploring ways historians can earn money using their research, writing, and analytical skills. Posts in this series will appear at least once a month.

Freelance writing opportunities offer historians 2 different options for making money. Option 1: Historians write articles on topics of their choice and sell them to media outlets. Option 2: Historians sell their writing skills to companies who need a piece written on a specific topic. Freelance opportunities for good writers abound and throughout the History Jobs series I will cover where to find them and how to make them work for you.

Historians who write about (or wish to write about) topics in early North and South American history will find a freelance opportunity at the Journal of Early Americas. The Library Journal selected Journal of the Early Americas as one of the best new magazines in 2011. The Journal bills itself as "the premier publication of the discerning history enthusiast and re-enactor portraying the Americas from 1521 to 1848."As such, Journal of the Early Americas strives to provide its readers with high-quality content. Well-researched articles written for a non-academic audience serve as the cornerstone of that high-quality content.

The Journal seeks articles in the range of 500 to 2000 words. Authors should cite their research in endnotes using the Chicago Manual style. Presently, the Journal pays $50 per article.

Historians interested in submitting articles to the Journal of the Early Americas should visit their writers information page.

If you know of other freelance opportunities for historians that you have either tried or would like to know more about, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail.